Friday, November 2, 2007

More from the zoo: siamangs

More from the zoo: if you have never heard a siamang (which I believe is a species of gibbon: a moderately large ape: checks Wikipedia: is proved correct) or a in my case, have never even heard of a siamang, then you could be in for a surprise one day. As we approached the area where the ape enclosures were all located, we heard these extremely loud, almost whooping-cough-like barking howls. Various speculations followed on what could be making these noises: as we approached the area we saw them: siamangs from Indonesia. Apparently the calls are territorial: they are like bullfrogs in that their throats expand out as big as a cantaloupe, as you can see in the photograph below: and out comes this bellowing "Get away from here: this is our area" type of message.

Yours, silenced,


kenju said...

Hmmm....I could use one of those!

Shephard said...

I always love the Siamangs.
Any cage is a cage, but we used to go to this one zoo that had this humongous open area filled with tons of things to swing from and climb on. We used to enjoy watching them play.

Michele says hello!
~S :)

Catherine said...

That's an impressive throat! Michele sent me to look at your zoo pictures (I love the tortoises, too)

Unique Designs from Zazzle said...

pretty nifty

Bernie said...

Hey, aren't they spelt Syamang? I wonder this, cause my longtime friend from school (and of bluemonkeyjammies) spells it this way...

Oh, and where did you get that photo of me?? lololololol