Saturday, November 3, 2007

More from the zoo: not a housecat

We are a pet loving family: two dogs, two cats, a whole bunch of stuffed toys, an electronic parrot which answers back.... but this is one animal that I'd not bring in as a pet! You can almost smell the raw power emanating from this beast! And look at the size of the paws!

Yours, totally intimidated by this one!


Anonymous said...

I love such cats. From afar! At one time Delhi had 23 white tigers. Too little space, too many tigers. So they had to find homes for some.

Long time I visited a zoo. Delhi zoo has nothing much to see. Only snakes and white tigers, I think. The snake pits stink.

Good to be here early in the morning from Michele!

kenju said...

Isn't he gorgeous!? I think there is nothing in the animal world so beautiful and powerful looking as leopards and tigers!

Jerry in Tampa said...

GORGEOUS cat!!! We have 4 dogs, 3 cats and 2 birds, but I couldn't handle this big guy!!!!

Hello, Michele sent me. And I will be back!

Jerry in Tampa

mckay said...

lol ...this was my halloween costume this year; however i was not nearly as imposing or regal as this feline.

beautiful animal.

here via michele's

ribbiticus said...

i would go near any of these beauties in a heartbeat! as long as they are tamed, of course. ;)

Bobkat said...

Nice kitty!

He is gorgeous and such a nice pic of him. It sounds like you have quite a house full of your own animals anyway!

Michele sent me back :)

Unknown said...

I have two cats Q & Smeg and they often give me looks like that cats have the most awesome personalities (As Q comes an sits at the keyboard to totally get in the way to tell me she wants out)

Love the piccy

Here Via michele

Janet said...

oh he's (or she) is so beautiful!!! Hi, Michele sent me :-)