Wednesday, June 17, 2015


LOML and I went visiting some local organic farms with friends this weekend.  We had a lovely time, cut short by having to pick up Skibo from the movies.  One of the things that we scored was a zucchini, of a type we've never seen before.  I think that I am going to stuff it and cook it for dinner tonight.

To give an impression of the size of it, that's a full sized lazy Susan that it is sitting upon.  And yes, it's much more spherical than it is cylindrical!
Yours, also more spherical than cylindrical these days,

Boo's Blog (private for now)

Boo has decided to start a writing blog!  For now, it will have to remain hidden and private, but I'm enjoying seeing her develop as a writer, and as a skilled computer user.
In addition, I bought a book in our local craft store this weekend: a book to teach children to code, and both she and Skibo have been working through it.    It uses Python, and incorporates the Turtle language: they've both drawn octahedral flowers constructed from 8 octagons rotated about a single vertex, and Boo has written simple code to ask a user to input their name, and their favourite food, and then have the program output " likes ", and then report what the first and last letter of the name are.  
This latter task involved her understanding that in Python, name[-1] will return the last element of  a string or list, and understanding that it indexes from 0.  The name[-1] fact made her squeal with delight!

Yours, terribly proud of both of them!