Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It seems in the discussions I'm reading of the "crisis", that one of the biggest problems is that credit has run dry. One site asked "how many of you run a small business that relies on a Line Of Credit (LOC) to pay its employees?" Another points out that unless we do something mortgages are just not going to be available.

This leads me to a couple of questions

If you have an existing line of credit, why would this affect you? Can we not pass a simple measure disallowing cancelling of lines of credit unless you default on a payment? And if there is need for extra liquidity for the banks for existing lines of credit let's discuss how we handle that.

As for new mortgages, if the supply of credit is so low compared to the demand, why hasn't the price of credit (that is, the interest rate, right?) increased to meet it? The way that I see it, some of the financial institutions have surreptitiously increased the price by implementing nefarious schemes whereby naive customers end up with a temporary low rate, followed by an enormous rate, at which point the bank either makes a huge profit, or takes over the property. Would it not have been far fairer in the first place to be honest about the true cost of the loan?

I'm not a financial analyst, though I do understand a little about the way that mortgages work --- enough to build my own mortgage calculator, for example, rather than relying on a bank's version. Nonetheless, as a vaguely educated voter, interested in the issues, I'm not convinced that the bailout bill was the right way to go. I'm going to be interested to see what changes they make to it tomorrow when the Senate is scheduled to vote on it: do they bring in more sops to the right, to get Republican support, or do they tilt it to the left to get more Democrats? At the moment, I fear, it's going to be leaning right.

Yours, tilting at windmills,

A day of misery for LOML

I awoke in the middle of the night to hear LOML calling for a glass of water --- having thrown up repeatedly in the bathroom. An utterly miserable day --- I tried as best I could to make it better, keeping children away, taking them to school and picking them up again afterwards, etc.
My day was doubly busy for other reasons: the deadline for my promotion package is coming up, and so I'm frantically trying to get all my t's dotted and my eyes crossed: in addition, I'm running a conference Thursday and Friday, and so I'm up to my armpits (at least) in that too.
Still, next week things get calmer. I'll probably get sick then!

Yours, in sympathy for LOML, and in anticipation of getting sick,

Monday, September 29, 2008


L'Shana Tova!

Yours, wishing all of us a happy new year....


I'm tremendously relieved to hear that Hurricane Kyle appears to have softened enough that it didn't cause massive destruction when it finally arrived in Nova Scotia.

Yours, relieved.

41 vs 43

Bush 41 is remembered as George Herbert Walker Bush.
Will 43 be remembered as George Herbert Hoover Bush?

Yours, on the brink,

This bailout package is gone

The stock markets have predictably dropped, although not enough to cut of trading. Yet.

I am not convinced that this package was the best one that could be produced: it looks almost as though the Solomonic baby-slicing was precise enough to put off both sides, at least to the extent that it couldn't pass this time.

Rumours of another chance to pass it in a re-vote later. We'll see.

Yours, still on the sidelines,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

On fly swatters

Skibo, this evening, talking about fly swatters:
If you don't like children, and you have children, you have to have one:
a children whacker

Please bear in mind we try to be non-violent with them --- to the extreme! --- and this doesn't reflect LOML and my use of said children-whacker....

Yours, amused as always by what they say,

Folding dinosaurs

Today, in celebration of a local little museum, I get to teach potentially hundreds of children how to fold dinosaurs. A thrilling prospect. And at least a little daunting: I have almost no control over their ages/skill levels --- all that I can do is to suggest the really simplest folds to the smallest children......

Yours, humming "You got to know when to fold 'em"

Worrying for friends, places

I hate it when places I love, and friends who I love who live there, are threatened: last year it was the flooding in the UK: this year it's been Louisiana and Texas: and now I hear that Kyle is barrelling up the coast towards a place I've called home: the Maine/New Brunswick border.
Almost exactly five years since Halifax and Nova Scotia were hit, Kyle looks like it could cause some nasty damage, especially to the St. John area. If you live near there, my thoughts are with you: Please, please stay safe!


Saturday, September 27, 2008


After nailing the Palin, SNL just attempted to jump the shark. I am sure that neither the Obama nor the McCain sides found much funny in this sketch: even the bits which were making fun of the other side.

Yours, saddened.

Oh. Wow.

Tina. Fey. Nailed. Palin.

Yours, 'nuff said,


As the "markets" have had their problems in the past few days, it occurred to me that we have another market ready for problems: the market in political candidates. There are several of these, perhaps the best publicized of them over here being Intrade.
Earlier this week, it appeared that someone was attempting to raise the price on shares in McCain on Intrade: the other markets all started moving towards Obama (following the polls) whereas Intrade didn't. Given the relatively small investments required, this looked like perhaps an attempt behind the scenes to bolster him, perhaps to keep a theme from developing in the press.

In the past few days, the price of a share in Palin being replaced has risen, touching 10 cents --- that is, for 10 cents you can win a dollar, if she is replaced. If it weren't for the fact that it is so much fun having her on the campaign, it would be worth suggesting that somebody buy the shares up to 50 or 60 cents, so that the meme would develop that she had to go.

Mind you, I wouldn't put it past the "maverick" to try to kick-start his campaign by replacing her: perhaps he could claim dereliction of duty for not appearing on all the news networks to defend him after the debate last night...

Yours, just musing,

Rest well

I was young when I first saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Young enough that the final scene was one of those moments that has frozen itself into my mind, my experience of movies, of visual storytelling.
Paul Newman, rest well.

Yours, in a moment of reverence,

And now we wait

We wait for the ultimate stamp of approval on one of the theories of who won the debate last night: who does Saturday Night Live skewer this evening?

Yours, in anticipation,

(Apologies to four of the five of you who occasionally read this blog --- I just can't seem to blog about anything else at the moment....)

Friday, September 26, 2008


McCain nailed it. POW, with twenty seconds remaining.
No time left for Obama to respond, he plays the POW card.

God. How. Cynical.

Yours, not declaring a winner,

Couldn't stay away

I tried. I intended to stay away from it. In spite of myself, I find myself watching the debate.
But I promise. Not a word about it. Not another one, that is.

Yours, silent,


Oops. I mean committee-ing. Last time, two weeks ago, I reported that I hate committee meetings: this afternoon's was rather more interesting --- interesting enough that I signed up to participate in two subcommittees. And quite possibly, if I can't get out of it, chair one of them...

And I ended up reasonably happy about the prospect. Not keen on chairing, but...

Yours, getting sat on,

Oh joy! Some rain!

After weeks (it seems) of no rain, and months (in truth) of only very little rain, we look likely to get a couple of days of --- maybe not drenching --- some rain.

Yours, running out to catch the drops on my tongue,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain is as effective a senator as he was a pilot

It appears that McCain has brought an apparent deal on a bailout to a state of crash and burn.
Who knows whether this is a good thing or not.

Yours, on the sidelines on this issue still

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


If McCain feels the need to be in Washington (for the first time in a couple of hundred votes or so) on Friday, and so the vote should be postponed, instead of postponing the VP debate, and having the P debate then, how about just switching them?

I'm sure Biden'd be ready. What about Palin?

Yours, switching it up,
A thought: is McCain's problem perhaps not one of doing two things at the same time, say walk and chew gum: but rather one of trying, on so many issues to do and not do the same thing at the same time: walk, and not walk: economy strong and not strong: for this, and against this.

Yours, wondering which came first, the flop or the flip,

Palin on McCain


Palin: I can give you examples of great things he's done.
Couric: Please. Do. Give me some examples.
Palin: I could give you examples of great things he's done.
Couric: Please, do. Specific examples from his 26 years there.
Palin: I'll get back to you on that.

Wow. I would have thought that she'd find it easier than me to find good examples of good things he's done. But she didn't.

Yours, understanding why they don't want her out in public,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sharing another musical find

Time to share my latest musical find. I say "mine" but really, of course, it is not: Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu has been a star in Australia for a little while now, and has opened for Elton John's concerts there, I am told.
I heard him featured on The World, a news program co-produced by the Beeb and Public Radio International --- every once in a while they have some really interesting music on the show: Gurrumul's voice was so amazing that I immediately googled him, and ordered the CD. Coming from Australia, it took a little while to arrive, but yesterday it finally got here: I've listened to it through perhaps half a dozen times since then. If you're looking for it, I found it at SkinnyFish Music.

Yours, entranced,

Monday, September 22, 2008

Messed up electoral systems...

Here in the US almost all of our electoral systems are messed up: and I have a small, modest proposal to mess with it further: instead of just allowing people to vote early (as happened starting today in three states) let's allow them to vote early, and publish the running vote totals in each state. That way, we could really get the enthusiasm up and running on both sides of the race: early voters would know that they were encouraging later votes: and most importantly, the six weeks before the election would be less tedious.

Yours, watching every poll, only to find they're opinion polls this month,

Nothing exceeds like excess

McCain is refusing to condemn the golden parachute which HP gave to Carli: he claims that "he doesn't know the details of her compensation package": but her details are all over the newspapers: and yet he's willing to condemn other compensation packages -- whose details, presumably, he learned from the newspapers.
Or from the google. If he's mastered it yet.

Yours, unencumbered by any golden, indeed, any wooden, parachutes,


I love this time of year: the temperature finally comes down to a reasonable level, the mornings are crisp, and the evenings mild: that little chill at the end of the day is perfect for walking a dog.

So, to everyone, a happy first day of autumn --- or spring, if you are antipodean.

Yours, falling for the season,

Internet service

I hate it when this happens. Late in the evening, the DSL modem starts acting
up. Too late to spend a pleasant hour or two gritting my teeth with helpful call centre folks called Rolf and Vincent who just happen to have very strong Indian accents.
(As an aside, I have no issues with them hiring folks in other countries for their support centres: that is their business decision: but please, don't give them fake names to give the impression that they are "western").
So, we are without internet service at home for a little while --- and need to switch providers anyway. Now the question is: can we put up with the lack of service while we switch?

Yours, feeling a disconnect,

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sometimes (most of the time, truth be told) I absolutely love my kids.
But sometimes, just sometimes, they give me extra reason: this evening LOML and I walked into the living room, only to be told by Boo and Skibo that we had to get out. We weren't welcome.

The reason? They were playing school, and Boo was sitting there, reading a book to Boo. We watched through the crack of the door for a moment, then gave them their privacy. One of the loveliest things about it was that Boo was reading a book far more sophisticated than the ones she'll try to read to LOML and me.

Yours, just basking in the joy,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The mill

There's a water-powered mill near here, dating back the better part of two centuries, and every third Saturday of the month, they open up to the public. Today there were a bunch of crafts-people, a fiddling competition, various people selling food and drink, etc. And, of course, the mill.

I was very impressed with the calibre of the interpreters who worked there: their knowledge was impressive, they were not pushy, but incredibly helpful, and were able to talk at a level that the kids appreciated.

A really nice little trip. Glad we finally did it....

Yours, impressed,

Friday, September 19, 2008

My friend Alice had a picture of rose petals on her blog this evening.
It made me think of one of the bitter-sweetest end-of-summer songs I know: Tom Waits' Last Rose of Summer.
Though every year
it's very clear
I should be carrying on

But I can be found
in the garden
singing this song

When the last rose of summer is gone...

Yours, moving slowly, with the seasons,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My take on Spain and McCain

I've listened to the interview on a Spanish-owned radio station in Florida a few times through, trying to understand how he could make the goof he made.
It appears to me that he misses completely the initial reference to Spain (even though she says it extremely clearly): he then fails to ask her to repeat the question, either at the first, second or third time of asking.
In addition, when she says "what about Europe", he hears it as "what about your op", to which he replies "what about my what?", coming the closest that he gets to asking her to repeat a question.

The fact, however, that the campaign is now willing to spin it as "we're not going to meet with Spain" rather than have him look like he can't hear a question right.... And in the process, I think it makes him look far worse: both old and confused, and at the same time, willing to risk diplomatic relations to avoid looking old and confused.

Yours, merely confused,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I saw a Washington Mutual advertisement the other evening: one of the key selling points was that a particularly nice feature of their chequing accounts was guaranteed "for life". After seeing their current corporate state, I wondered whether that is the life of the account holder or the life of the corporation....

Yours, musing,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I can't leave this hidden in comments

Joke pointed to the pilot episode for QI with Eddie Izzard in a comment a few posts below --- and if you haven't seen it, it's hilarious. Search the you-tubes for it: it's a hoot! And moreover, it has Stephen Fry as the quiz master.

How I miss UK television.

Yours, still laughing,

Proud alum

Let me just say how proud an alum I am of the University of Waterloo, and of the fact that Research In Motion was founded by another graduate of that fine (albeit rather young) institution.
RIM is still located in Waterloo. That's Ont, not IA, by the way. As in Canada.

Oh, yes, and they created the Blackberry.
John McCain, as far as I can tell, didn't.

Yours, on a campaign for credit where credit is due,

A crisis of education

We are, as a family, rapidly approaching a crisis.
A crisis of education. At the ages of 5 and 4 respectively.

Of course, the children don't know it it: it is only their parents who are in full on, lock-down crisis avoidance mode.

We have our first parent-teacher conference tomorrow afternoon. And while Boo's teacher seems absolutely lovely as a person, and well qualified and able as a teacher, we are terribly concerned about the simplicity of the tasks she is setting Boo. We are giving all sorts of extra (and hopefully fun) work at home --- counting games, word tracing, etc, all things that she enjoys --- but at the moment it feels like she, and another three or four of her class of fifteen or sixteen, are about a year ahead of the assigned class tasks. In a class of this size, with two teachers, surely they could organize things so that children get ability-appropriate learning assignments....

And if the meeting tomorrow doesn't successfully address this problem, I suspect that by the new year we'll be back driving for miles and miles each way to the Montessori school.

Yours, in crisis,

Monday, September 15, 2008

Memorable quote

"Sarah knows how to field-dress a moose. I know how to castrate a calf. Neither of those things has anything at all to do with this election. But since we know so much about Sarah's special skills, I wanted to make sure you knew about mine too."

-- Iowa Lt. Gov. Patty Judge (D), on Sen. John McCain's running mate.

Yours, wishing for an era of gentler politics....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A moment's thought for Texas

A moments thought for all those in Texas, especially Galveston and the vicinity: it seems like it has been a disaster: few deaths so far, thank goodness, but devastation to folks, even those who evacuated.

Yours, hoping it dries up for them soon,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cultural sensitivity, and what the **** is Eddie Izzard Wearing?

I'm watching The Secret Policeman's Ball: The Ball In The Hall, which BBC America saw fit to grace my TiVo with the other night --- and on comes Eddie Izzard, one of the more slightly funny folks around.
As you may know, he's usually dressed in a rather flashy, metallic bronzy-pink pants suit with ridiculously high heels and make-up. Tonight, by contrast, he looks ridiculous: he's got on a collared shirt, a casual blazer jacket, and a mustache.

There's some thing really strange when you see someone you're used to seeing in high camp drag appear in macho mode...

Yours, completely weirded out,

Traffic and football

A problem I never knew in the UK: I live near a town whose college (american) football is rather popular: and in order to make it easier for the fans to attend, they station a policeman at key traffic lights to keep them green in the direction of traffic.
The game got out this afternoon. About half an hour later I realised that I needed to go to our local grocery store, on the other side of the main highway. I'd forgotten that they might have a cop there when traffic is leaving as well.
I'm still fuming.
I sat in the queue for the light for ten minutes. He let through about ten cars. I got to the very front of the line, and had to wait for another ten minutes until the cop decided to change the lights. On the way back, I was the ninth car. He let five through before changing back to the majority direction. He let through about five hundred cars in the cross direction before letting my direction through.

Altogether, I spent about forty minutes waiting to get through a single light in twice. And it was hot. And I was sitting with the windows open and the engine off to conserve gas.

Yours, hot and bothered.

Friday, September 12, 2008

What's for dinner?

It's becoming a chore. I think that when the children start to get excited about food again --- and I know it will happen --- it will become much easier again. But for now, even when we have guests coming over; or especially then! it seems to be harder and harder to decide what to have.
I now understand why people get into a routine of fish and chips on Friday, roast on Sunday, spag bol on Wednesday, etc...

Strange --- I don't mind cooking it at all, but deciding what to cook?

Yours, with the menu-planning blahs,

Sometimes I don't hate committees

But sometimes I do. Just about ruined my day.
And then I found out I was "needed" for another, less pleasant committee.....

Yours, practicing teeth-grinding....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boo and gymnastics

Boo's been doing gymnastics for most of her life --- since she was about a year old --- and she's pretty good at it. She's recently moved up from the little childrens' class --- the five and under set, to the six and up group (even though her birthday's not for a couple of months they said she was ready to go up).
Tonight was my first opportunity to go and watch her practice in the new class: it was wonderful to see: she was in a group with slightly older children --- they group them into groups of four or five, and group mainly by ability.
Today they were at last doing things that started to look like they were learning real gymnastics: doing forward rolls, assisted, on a balance beam, for example. Exciting stuff, and I expect her to be doing really well pretty soon. Even better than she is now, that is.

Yours, on balance,

Having a wobbly

Tooth, that is.
Boo's finally got her first wobbly tooth --- at nearly six years old.
Her best friend, nine months younger, got her first loose tooth about two years ago, so this has been a major issue for a little while.

We are, of course, thrilled. In theory. It's going to fall to me to help encourage the tooth out (by waiting, tying a thread to a door handle, or whatever), since LOML is made rather queasy just by the thought of a loose tooth.

I seem to recall from when I was a child that it took forever for a loose tooth to actually come out --- which probably means that it was a couple of days or so. We'll see.

Yours, thinking of offering Boo an apple,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


What? "Obama wants to teach sex ed to kindergartners?" That's disgusting!

But what's that you say? That's not what Obama said or did?

McCain has shown an odious side today. Obama wants to ensure that small children are safe from sexual predators. That's the goal of the legislation: argue whether it will be effective or not if you wish: but his motives were the safety of small children.
To impugn his motives this way is absolutely disgusting.

McCain is a pig.
Yours, disgusted,


Trickling economics:

I've always thought that the phrase "trickle-down economics" is begging for ridicule: "trickle-on economics" is the obvious, clean version: but somehow, in my inflammatory youth I preferred the phrase "piss-on-the-poor-policies"....

Yours, crudely,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Boo and Skibo have discovered gum. Well, they have discovered the existence of gum: chewing gum, bubble gum, everything except spruce gum, it seems.
Their friends all seem to be allowed to have gum. And LOML and I, being mean, cold-hearted miserable parents, are unwilling to let them follow suit.

I know that at some point we're going to give in and they'll become regular gum-chewing, bubble-popping children. But we'd rather it happen on our own timetable, not on that of other parents who choose to give in rather more easily and earlier than we do.

Yours, girding for battle,

Happy Anniversary

My closest friends, perhaps, other than LOML, in the world, were married 19 years ago today! Congratulations, F&F^{-1}!

Yours, in glorious celebration,

Monday, September 8, 2008

So far so good, great, even

She's openly lesbian, a Rhodes scholar, Oxford PhD, and one of the most brilliant of the talking heads on television. She may also be the first openly gay person to have a primetime news/views program on a major cable news network.

And so far, it's very good. She has poise, and smarts, and she's not afraid to use them.

Go Rachel! (Maddow, that is!) MSNBC, 9pm EST.

Yours, a fan already,

Three weeks back at school

Boo has been back at school for exactly three weeks --- and Skibo for two weeks and a day: and already their poor little immune systems are compromised; they are coughing and sneezing and wheezing and their noses are dripping.... and they've been in camp all summer, around other kids the whole time. How is it that they can be in an institutional setting all summer and get nothing, and then as soon as another institutional setting starts, they get sick?

Still, this morning, when we were planning on keeping Boo home, she begged to be able to go to school, so not all is bad.

Yours, confused,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Canadian elections

So Harper has decided to try to get a full majority I see. I'm out of touch with the Canadian political scene again: I've been away for a full year and a third, and it has all slipped into obscurity again.
So, any Canadians out there reading this (Awareness, Carmi?): what do you think will happen? Will Dion be able to play a green card? Will there be any bleeding of influence from the US to Canada --- is there any chance that anti-conservative messages from Obama will have an influence on people across the border?

Yours, abroad,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beach bread

I thought that I'd missed out on the photos of the beach bread --- but stuck in the last batch or so of pictures I found this --- the final batch of bread: we ate one loaf with dinner that night, ate another at breakfast, and sent the third loaf up with our friends for their roadtrip back to the DC area.
I have to say, I love baking bread, and I love the beach, but I've come to understand that I really love baking bread at the beach!

Yours, dreaming of loaves and fishes,

Friday, September 5, 2008

The annual pirate treasure hunt

Every year we've gone to the beach we've discovered maps left by pirates.
Or rather, the children have. Somehow, the pirates seem to manage to bury their treasure nearby, and leave the maps where only our children will find them!
And the maps are drawn on sheets of what seems remarkably like parchment paper which has been baked in a medium oven for a while...

One year, probably soon, we'll not be able to do this. But for now, it's a lovely tradition.

Yours, in favour of traditions like this,

Learning about snakes

When we turned up at the snake zoo near the beach, two days before they go to short schedules for the quiet season, we discovered we were the only people there for the 5:00 show. The woman doing the presentation, who we'd seen each time we went, was wonderful: she took one look at the small children, the two adults with them, and re-scripted her spiel in real time to play to the little ones. A tremendous job!

This was brought home to us even more a couple of weeks ago, when we went to a festival near home, where there was a "professional" who has his own tv show, also talking about snakes: there were a bunch of small children crowded around, no bigger kids, and he still kept to his original script. And it was completely inappropriate: we had to walk off with the children after a few minutes.

Yours, in praise of real professionals,

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now the RNC is over...

Now that the RNC is over, can I have my news channels back, please?
Oh, and in 61 days, can I have my country back too?

Thanks in advance,

Hanna teases us then runs away

In answer to Awareness' question below, it appears that Hanna is going to skirt us, but just not quite come close enough to get a decent rain out of the deal. No, instead she's running up the coast, and at best guess, F'town's going to get more rain out of her than we do.

Yours, drier than a bone,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sad news

Sad news, it seems, on the MrsMagpie front: it appears that she is too busy with a life to continue blogging, at least for the foreseeable future, and has decided that she needs to take a break.
MrsM, we will miss you! Come back and visit (and perhaps decide that you can stay)!

Yours, sad,


I took Skibo to gymnastics this afternoon/evening: he and Boo are now in different classes, on different days, so one of us stays home with the other.
While I was there, I saw the office manager/receptionist from the Montessori school where I used to do the origami class each week: she came over and gave me a lovely big hug, and said how much she missed seeing me there each week to work with the students: and then, she thrilled me by letting me know that the students, as I had hoped, had decided to keep the club going: the older ones are leading it, teaching the younger ones.
And perhaps my favourite of all the students, is the one running the whole show:-)

Yours, with a legacy,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I didn't manage to avoid the RNC entirely. In addition to Jon Stewart's Daily Show coverage, I saw a couple of minutes of both Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman: between them, they seem to muster all the charisma of a dead fish.
Mind you, I did like Lieberman's exhortation to "vote for the person you know will be the best president, not just for your party": given that he was speaking to the republican convention at the time, the words seemed well chosen....

The Daily Show had the best line so far, though: "Will Sarah Palin prove to be an unqualified success?"

Yours, in avoidance,


LOML and I sat down and watched this movie this evening --- the easiest way to (largely) avoid coverage of the RNC.
Unsure of what to expect we settled down: the first few minutes, it seemed to just jump right into the story, which became clearer once it switched from preface to the main plot.
We thoroughly enjoyed it --- just about the most fun we've had watching a movie in years. If you haven't seen it, watch it: it's a love story with touches of humour along the lines of Princess Bride, with beautiful touches, tributes to Titanic amongst other movies. Funny, touching, sweet, scary-ish, just plain fun.

Yours, starry-eyed,

Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin's daughter

The only real relevance I can see to Palin's daughter's unwanted (one assumes) pregnancy is this: her mother opposes contraception for everyone. Including consenting adults, even married once. She is, on the other hand, in favour of "abstinence only" sex education.
Let's assume that she is a loving mother, and an effective role model for her daughter. The logical conclusion would seem to be that her viewpoint on sex education might be the wrong one, and that her daughter might have been better of being told about contraception.

Yours, in favour of wanted pregnancies.

Two snakes

and very friendly with each other they are too!

Yours, intertwined,

A new month...

And with the new month, another chance to say --- hey, let's try to find something new to say.
Of course, given where Gustav is, and has been, it's not going to be something all that new: I am currently tremendously relieved to hear that Gustav seems not to have hit NOLA as hard as might have been the case. I do, however, remember very well thinking the very same thing on Monday morning after Katrina hit New Orleans: everything seemed like they'd dodged a bullet. And then the hell broke loose, and we've seen the city and its people try to recover for three years since.
Here's wishing the city well, and hoping that they'll be safe.

Here a few hundred miles north and east, we're hoping that some of the rain from the next storm, Hanna, due to hit later this week, will come up inland far enough to dampen us.

Yours, holding out hope, for them, and for us,