Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Calling

Yesterday, Boo came home from school, and while we were working with her on her homework, she mentioned that she had written a poem: she'd been walking the track at recess, and rather than listening to music or texting on her phone, she was watching the woods in the distance, imagining.....

The Calling

There are things out there
that you may never know.
Creatures far wiser than you.
 Faster! Stronger!
The Dark! The Light!
Through the day
and night.
But yet we still hear the howling call.
Through the night the loud cry wakes many afraid.
 As night grows longer the fear grows stronger.
But do not fear
For not all is this way.
The creatures of the bright.
Creatures of the light.
 Creatures who protect.
All through the night
And through the day.
Saving the poor souls.
But wait!
Careful now!
Do you hear the quiet howl?
 Slowly it grows louder!
The wild ones come!
Kind, evil, wild, free.
Join them!
Join me!
Hear the Calling!
Follow me!
Be free!
Run to the wood to hide in the mist.
Go with the Calling!
Let it protect you.
With the Calling you will be OK.
Come now!
Hear the Calling!

c 2015-11-17 Boo.

I love this!

Yours, in admiration!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Birthday, Boo!

Welcome to the teenage years, Boo!

Yours, with our love, and perhaps a tiny bit of apprehension,