Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pea and ham soup

Autumnal food can be wonderful, especially when the weather plays nicely, and it is cool and crisp, and leaves are turning, falling, waiting for children to pile them up and jump in them.

Pea and ham soup is one such food; I took the remnants of the baked ham from last night, simmered it in a big pot of water with some sauted onions, celery and carrots. After a couple of hours, I pulled out the bones and meat, and added about a pound and a half of split peas, simmered another couple of hours. I blended the liquid with a stick blender, shredded the meat and added it back to the soup.... a little seasoning, and it's a meal fit for company.
So we had company.
Bread, soup, and then pumpkin pie and peach cobbler with ice cream for dessert.

Hungry yet?

Yours, feeling souper,

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awareness said...

Comfort food all around. That sounds so delicious. Yes, I'm now hungry. Can you send some up north please?