Saturday, November 24, 2007

Parade party menu

Now we have to think about what to make for our parade party: typically the weather is cool, but not frigid: between freezing and 50 Fahrenheit, say: our co-hosts usually provide an un-spiked cider, plus a liberal quantity of spikes: so on the drinks side, we are considering either mulled wine or eggnog (so we'll probably go for both!). The eggnog recipe is my adaptation of one I've made many times, from the Joy of Cooking: among my secret modifications, I add a liberal amount of espresso --- not enough to taste the flavour, but enough to taste that it is different.
On the food front, since it is a co-hosted party, we have to work hard not to go overboard! Sausage rolls are a must, and perhaps scotch eggs, though they are intimidating to do in the sorts of quantities required. Focaccia, of course: a rosemary, a salt, an onion, and perhaps an olive one: nothing too heavy, since it is a mid-afternoon thing, but at the same time, we want to have people leave feelin good....

Yours, tossing ideas, not salads,

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Joke said...

I once made scotch eggs for a cocktail party and, it being a cocktail party I decided to make them out of quail eggs.

That was one of those times when my IQ evaporated at the worst and most critical moment.