Monday, February 2, 2015

Climbing the stars

Boo has written another story, a metaphorical delight!

Climbing the Stars

I walk through the door out to the open air.  I heave myself up the wall to the roof.  I lie there on the roof, staring at the sky, and the stars, and the galaxy.  And slowly, slowly,  I rise to my feet.  I stand tall and proud, a small but powerful little girl.  I stretch my arms like I do in yoga with Mommy.  And then I start to jump.  Little hops at first, then higher, higher, higher!  Then I reach while I jump.  And then suddenly, I'm not jumping and reaching, but grabbing.  Grabbing on to the closest star, I pull myself up.  I jump again, grip the next star, and pull myself up.  Again and again, higher and higher I
climb, until I can't climb any more.  I've reached the top of the sky!  I reach out and touch the heavens.  Then, slowly I spread my arms out wide, and fall off the very last star.  I feel myself drifting from the heavens, so I spread my wings and land on a star.  And then, carefully, I make my way down the stars, and climb back into my safe little bed.

Yours, delightfully inspired,