Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poor Monty

Poor Monty, our spaniel, seems to have injured his foot. I have to say that it is simultaneously very sad, but since he doesn't seem to actually be in much pain, rather funny at the same time. He does a tremendous job of hopping along faster than I can run, left hind leg suspended half an inch above the ground.
The vet has given us Rymadil to give to him, but couldn't find anything which might be causing the problem....

Yours, dog-leggedly,

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carmilevy said...

Frasier the miniature schnauzer sends a doggie happy to Monty the spaniel. Frasier sometimes does the hop-thing while we're on a walk. But it doesn't upset him, and he stops when he gets back inside.

He DID injure his paw once. The pad was ripped and very sore. He nibbled at it for a few days until it began to heal. I suppose it's getting harder and harder to walk around with only soft paws underneath. Poor dears.

I'll go pat mine now: and your vicariously.

Popped by from Michele's tonight before tuck-in. Glad you've had a good (except for this) week.