Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well, my plans to have made most of the food for tomorrow by this evening appears to have gone by the wayside. Competition for limited space in the kitchen, together with Boo and Skibo wanting to help make her birthday cake meant that I didn't get to play there until about 10.
So, I've thrown together hummus (chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, a little salt, some seasonings if you taste it and feel that it needs it): in the morning before going to work I'll throw together the dough for some bread:
I'll take off half a day or more, come home and then quickly assemble sausage rolls and a chili con carne, shape the bread, and leave it in the capable hands of
LOML to bake everything which needs baking. Then off to teach origami again, before rushing home to finish preparing for Boo's party!

Update: as Joyful Abode has pointed out below, I left out the tahini. Rats. That's what comes of making it late in the evening and not dragging out a cookbook! I'll have to add it this morning when I get home....

Yours, beaten, like an egg, but not whipped like cream.


Unknown said...

Have you ever tried making your hummus with tahini? To me it gives it a special something that non-tahini hummus can't reach.

Sounds like lots of fun is going on at your place!

Bobkat said...

Sounds like a busy time as ever! Good luck with all the preparations!

Anonymous said...

I guess my question over at michele's was appropriate and now I have my answer. Sounds like a good menu! Michele says hi too.