Friday, November 30, 2007

A bad crash, but the results could be worse

On Monday evening, even though LOML and I heard nothing, we noticed a convergence of emergency vehicles at the corner of the lot behind our house --- it turned out that an SUV had run a stop sign, perhaps thinking it to be a 4-way rather than a 2-way stop: it had overturned, and within minutes it was aflame. Blazing. I didn't realise that vehicles could actually do that in reality.
This evening I saw one of the local volunteer firefighters, and asked him about it: I am very relieved to discover that nobody was badly hurt: the driver of the SUV even escaped with a few cuts and bruises.
LOML and I are discussing lobbying to get the intersection changed to a 4-way stop (LOML did the same for the next intersection over a few years ago, and it has made a tremendous difference to driving patterns in front of our house!)

Yours, very relieved, but still fired up,


David Edward said...

yes - doubling the stop signs is usually a better thing, since half the people ignore them anyway.

Michele told me to stop here, look both ways and then proceed.

alice c said...

I can never understand why there are no roundabouts in America.