Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas is coming

the goose is getting fat...

Friday night, our little town came together for the lighting of the Christmas "Tree" --- we used to have a lovely shaped, live tree in the center of the green on the town square, but unfortunately some folks decided that we'd be better off chopping it down, and putting up a bigger, but reusable fake tree. It's pretty enough, and it is huge, but I miss the real thing. And the fact that they cut down a lovely tree in the process really hurts.
The lighting itself was fun, except for the fact that there needed to be a line for the children to sit on Santa, and that line didn't exist until Boo and Skibo got close --- and then it was formed on the other side. Rather than staying, the children decided that they wanted a movie night, so we came home and had popcorn and watched "Olive, the other reindeer" (a lovely movie, if you haven't seen it!)

I'm not completely into the Christmas spirit yet --- but I'm definitely getting there: this weekend I have to sit down with Boo and Skibo, and help her spell her words in her letter to Santa, and take dictation from Skibo, who at 3 isn't yet ready to write, or even trace his letter.

Yours, spiritedly,


Smiler said...

I guess having children around does bring about all things Christmas earlier. I had a book a called "Olive, the other reindeer" which I gave away to one of my nieces. I wonder if it's by the same person.

BreadBox said...

Yup, the movie is based on the book -- but a much richer story, beautifully animated (Matt Groening was involved) and with Olive voiced by Drew Barrymore.
It's worth catching when it's on this season, especially if you have a little person to share it with:-)


craziequeen said...

Michele sent me to say hi and - er, honey? - it's still only November!

Our town lights have gone up, but won't go on until the first week in December.

I'll be looking out for Olive - I love Drew Barrymore :-)


OldLady Of The Hills said...

It all seems to be happening so very quickly this year...'the lighting of the tree', already?? Oh My!
That is sad that they cut down a perfectly beautiful tree to put up a bigger FAKE one! Something is very wrong with this picture...!

Joe said...

Christmas is coming fast! Michele sent me.

sister AE said...

Hello, Michele send me today. I'm with you on the tree. I think it is sad they cut one down. But I do feel a little better that at least they aren't cutting bigger lives ones down to replace is each and every year.

awareness said...

I love Olive.....the book and the movie!

There is another one you need to put on your list to be read in a couple of years to the kids. It's written by Roddy Doyle....Rover Saves Christmas. I read it aloud to them when they were 10 and 6 while waiting to catch a plane to Ontario for Christmas, and then every night up to the big day. We laughed so hard we were in tears!

Hey N! I heard a new version of Barret's Privateers this morning. I think there is a new CD out of different musicians singing Stan Roger's tunes. It was the first cut I had heard......will keep you posted on the CBC front. :)

ps. Writing from the land of the Christmas tree farm......I am appalled that a tree would be cut down to be replaced by a faker!!

Teena in Toronto said...

That sounds like fun (and that's coming from a bah humbug kinda chick!).

Thanks for stopping by :)

Moon said...

Here from Michele's today. I have to say the xmas feelings haven't hit me yet, but I seem to be fretting about the stuff that needs doing none the less...I should be doing my cards already!! instead of reading blogs lol!

awareness said...

small world......Michele sent me back your way tonight....she says hi dee ho.

I'm sitting in my dining room which looks out onto the front yard. The people who live in the house across the street have their Christmas lights on. TOO EARLY!

Like you, I do have Christmas themes happening in my head, but I refuse to turn on any music from the season nor consider watching Jimmy Stewart help some guy named Clarence get his wings YET.

hope you're having a fine spirited day.

Joke said...


The natural tree in the middle of the square was not reusable?



Mike said...

Its hard to believe that Christmas is only a month away. where has this year gone???

Michele sent me.

carmilevy said...

I need to move to a little town. Let me know if any For Sale signs go up near you: sounds idyllic to me, fake tree notwithstanding.

Hi again from Michele!

kenju said...

I can't believe they cut down a real tree to put up a fake one!