Friday, November 30, 2007

How the times have changed!

Last week or so I heard a story from Riverdale, Georgia (just south of Atlanta, close enough to be a commuter suburb): apparently there was an election there earlier this month for city council, and there has been a fight over one of the results.

The fight is over whether Michelle Bruce committed fraud by running as Michelle rather than as Mike. The amazing thing is that the deep south used to be very intolerant, and a huge story would have been a trans(vestite,gendered) person even running: the fact that now the story is not that she ran, but that she won, running openly as a woman who was once a man, and is now being sued, the gist of the suit being she gained an unfair advantage by running that way, this fact is unbelievable.

Whether or not Michele Bruce wins, there is hope yet for tolerance in the south!

Yours, delighted by this story,

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