Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A camera I don't intend to buy....

LOML and I went shopping today, sprogs in tow, and for the first 45 minutes or so, the sprogs were very well behaved. After they started to blow up, we decided to do the rest of the shopping later, individually (one shopping, while the other is at home with the little delights).
So it came to pass that I went to the second grocery store to pick up all sorts of extra food (more on that later), and to the "dollar store" to get a couple of tablecloths (ridiculously cheap, $5 a pop, for a fairly high quality linen tablecloth!)
While waiting for the cashier to make her way over from stocking the shelves, I perused the counters near the till: and there, hanging with a $9.99 pricetag, was a keychain digital camera! Now, the quality is almost certainly appalling --- and even at that price I'm not going to risk it, but it did seem to tell a story of the way that generalizations of Moore's law are continuing in non-computer technologies!
Less than an hour later, after visiting the grocery store, I heard an ad on the radio while driving home: DVD players (for television use, not computer) for under ten dollars! Quite amazing drops in prices, especially considering they are all imported and the US dollar is not exactly strong at the moment!

Yours, in miniature,


kenju said...

I think within a few years, the development of techinal miniaturization and the decrease in prices for such technoogy will amaze everyone!

Teena in Toronto said...

I had one of those cameras ... the quality did suck :(