Friday, November 9, 2007

A happy birthday

Boo turned five today. Hard to believe that she's a third of the way to my worrying about her driving.

Actually, I'm already worried about her driving. But now, it's ten years in the future. In ten years, I'll be worrying on a more immediate basis!

We had a lovely time: this morning she opened a couple of presents before going off to school: I brought her and Skibo home at lunchtime, and she opened the rest of her presents from family: then after I taught origami, we threw a birthday party. Lots of food: good food for the grownups too. Chili, vegetarian and non-vegetarian: hummus (with Tahini added: thanks Joyful Abode!): sausage rolls: snack food like pretzels, goldfish, chips, etc: and the best bread I've made in months. I'm not a fan of blowing my own horn: but this bread was superb. I'll describe the recipe in another post.

And everyone left early enough that we could put the kids to bed late, but not too late.

Yours, exhausted, but in a good way...

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alice c said...

Happy Birthday Boo! Wishing you so much fun and frolics this year. Being 5 is the best!!