Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hide and seek

One of my favourite movies of all time is The Princess Bride: there's a wonderful scene in it when Mandy Patinkin says to Wallace Shaun "I do not think you understand the meaning of that word": this is sort of how I feel about the way that Boo and Skibo play hide and seek (that's hide-and-go-seek to my US readers).
Anyway, Skibo loves to count: "one, two three, fourfivesixseveneight, nine, ten, eleven, thirteen, what comes after thirteen????": and he's beginning to get the hang of the seek part --- but when it's his turn to hide, he does a dreadful job of it! He will get a quarter of the way round the tree, and as if he's a human ostrich, hide his head in his hands and hug the tree. In plain sight.
Boo is almost two years old, but almost as bad: she will hide well, but as soon as she hears someone coming to look for her, she will let out little noises and give away her position. And if Skibo doesn't hear her, she'll poke her head around the tree, and then run towards him.

Yours, in hiding,


Theo said...

first, Michele sent me.

second, i can remember hating that game. i'd hide so well it took too long to be found. hey, maybe my older siblings did that on purpose!!!

finally, nice to see you having such a full life and busy week.

barbie2be said...

that is so cute. hide and go seek was my favorite game growing up.

michele sent me.

Geggie said...


I love PB too, our cats are named Princess Buttercup (BC) and Wesley. Nevermind that they're both girls.

Geggie said...

Oh,and I forgot to tell you, Bee Movie was super cute. You'll enjoy it.