Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Three years have gone by

 My.  Three years since I last posted here --- I knew it was a while, but didn't think that it was quite that long. 

Time has passed, that is for sure.  Boo has finished their high school work and will graduate next week, planning to move on to college in September --- emphasis on "move": heading to Atlantic Canada to study Classics.

Skibo is also done with his schoolwork for the year, and in this,  his senior year, plans to apply to colleges  in Ontario.  He's developed a passion for history and politics, choosing to read extensively about both the past (especially the middle of the last century) and the present (currently on his reading list: The Deficit Myth and Capital in the 21st Century). 

I'm thrilled with who they are, how they are growing into adults before our eyes.

Yours, with joy,