Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A pleasant, gentle day

I got to spend some time doing nice things today --- finishing up the batch of bread (which was just short of very very good), picking Skibo up from school, and spending a little time with him: and licking my wounds from fighting computers.

I spent a lot of time downloading the latest version of Fedora, release 8, which came out last week. That all went well, the sha1sums all match, so the download worked. Then came the trying to burn it all to disk. As of now, I have not succeeded. Not to say that I have failed, but as of now, okay, I've failed.
Both on windows and linux. I don't know if it is a bad batch of dvd's, or what, but for the life of me I can't seem to get them to format, let alone burn.

Oh well, my guru will be back in town next week -- I will have to wait till then to get things fixed. On this issue, today just capped a week of fighting technology issues: the other really annoying one is that my pda (which plays mp3s) has a broken headphone jack: of course, this means I have to open it up and try to fix it --- I don't know whether I really want to succeed or fail: I have decided on the dedicated media player I want to buy -- but it is really hard to justify spending a couple of hundred dollars on something like that right now.
Still, given that I bought LOML an mp3 player last year, perhaps I could write down all the details of which sort I want, and hope that Santa gets it in time for Christmas. Of course, that would unfortunately mean no music in the car or outside for weeks and weeks. Definitely time to get out the jewelers screwdrivers and open the old one up.

This post has gone all over the place, hasn't it!

Yours, ameandering down the lane,


awareness said...

a meandering post is a sign of a wonderfully full meandering day.

sorry about the music void......

i'll whistle for you......

Cornish Dreamer said...

Computers...Building them: I'm fine with; Using the programs: I'm pretty good with; but sorting them out when they don't work the way I want to: I don't have the patience.

Excuses to buy electrical goods...hmm, well my current excuse is that my MP3 player doesn't have enough memory. Maybe I should revise that.

Glad the bread batch was successful.


alice c said...

Was that post in French?
yrs mystified

Melody said...

I've been writing posts that have been going all over the place lately too and I NEVER do that! Must be the weather.

Do you know how much I *heart* fresh home-baked bread? You do now. *Love it* Mmm, I can smell yours baking in the oven from here...

I'm here via Michele tod ay, so hello from her and hello from me. Enjoy your weekend...

carmilevy said...

I enjoy your posts immensely - probably more so when you meander.

I hope you never cave to the urge to follow the straight and narrow.