Saturday, November 24, 2007

I do love a parade

We live, as I may have said, stressed, or even over-emphasized, in a small southern town: and there are some really nice benefits to living here: among them, everybody knows everybody, and when we throw big parties, they are still manageably small. Well, the latter isn't true, but....

Anyway, every year we have a Christmas parade, between fifty and a hundred vehicles dressed up in holiday best, carrying local pols, busily waving at the folks who elected them, marching bands from the high, middle and low schools, and lots of folks throwing bad candy to the gathered throngs.

Some of us are fortunate enough to live on the parade route, and for the first year or two we lived here, we watched from our front porch: then we discovered that there were two neighbours who alternated throwing a lovely party, got ourselves invited, and ever since have watched the parade from their respective houses.

This year, one of the hosts has decided that it is too much work for them this year, and we've been asked to come in as once-every-three-years co-hosts (though I suspect that this may end up eventually being every other year!) Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, LOML and I are constitutionally incapable of saying "no" when asked to throw a party, and so this year, it's back to our front porch:-)

Yours, celebrating this, four hundred posts, and all!

Christmas party --- are we invited (to be organizers)?
Christmas parade


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the 400th post. I have 500+ posts. And I forgot abouut that 500 landmark!

Have a great fun hosting the party! Not easy, I know..LOL!

Glad that Michele sent me here.

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds like a lot of fun. I have never lived where I could watch a parade outside my own home. The closest I would come is being able to watch the park fireworks from my roof.

Michele sent me by.

Omykiss said...

These community parties are such a great idea ... too often we ignore the people who live right next door ..... good on you for saying 'yes'!

awareness said...

My favourite thing to do is to throw parties....and to have a parade march right by your front door? How cool is that?

The Christmas parade (yesterday) here is always a frigid affair and it's also pretty darn pathetic I must say. But, when the kiddies were little and they really wanted to go to it, I was able to take them to my office to watch inside nice and cozy from my window.

Enjoy your party. When is the parade?

kenju said...

Congratulations on reaching 400! I am nearing that too.