Friday, November 16, 2007

Hawking a book

Years ago, Stephen Hawking surprised the world over a period of a few years: first, by doing some amazing mathematics and physics: second by coming down with an awful, debilitating disease: third, by writing A Brief History of Time, a book which is probably the best-selling theoretical physics book of all time: fourth, he seemed to continue to survive and thrive, guest starring on Star Trek TNG, for example: fifth, he got divorced, and then remarried.
Now he's surprised again: he and (I assume) his second wife have written a book together. Except this time, it is a novel. For kids. About theoretical physics!

I'd write a review, but the way my reading is going, I'd need the relativistic effects of faster than light travel to finish the review it before everyone else has read it. Still, I did buy it, and really do intend to read it:-) Just like everyone who bought BHoT, and left it sitting on the coffee table in full view....

Yours, physically,


David Edward said...

this could be a good gift for my sons.
i will have to look at it, thanks

kenju said...

I have great admiration for Hawking. I read "A Brief History..." and probably understood every fourth word (maybe), but I'd love to read his newest. Thanks for the tip.