Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas tree

With the Christmas parade, and hence our party, coming up in just over a week, LOML and I had decided that today was the day that we should go and get a tree: much as we would love to get a real tree and then replant it, we have not got the time, money, energy or land at the moment to do that.
And unfortunately, a real tree is a really big part of Christmas for me: LOML grew up with fake ones, and would be more than happy to go that route, but I really really don't want to do it.

Just as unfortunately, this year trees are in somewhat shorter supply: the growers were hit by the droughts of the past few years, and so quantity of trees seems down, and the price is up. In the end, we found a few trees that we like, or could put up with, but the ones that we liked were more than we want to pay... so we are going to look again tomorrow afternoon.

Yours, needlessly needle-lessly needled,


CAM said...

We are lucky enough to live in an area where we can cut our own tree fresh off the mountain. We are taking the kids up this weekend to do just that.

Good luck with your hunt tomorrow...

Michele sent me.

WendyWings said...

We always have a real tree but I am seriously contemplating going the artifical route soon,the needles the mess, the sneezing oy.
Thanks for stopping by my place :D

rashbre said...

Happy tree hunting. I will be one of the people in 2 -3 weeks time looking at the last two that nobody wanted.

ANd hiya- Michele sent me!


awareness said...

wish I could bundle one up from the NB woods and send it your way.