Wednesday, November 21, 2007

At the last minute

This morning, one of our friends called --- we had been invited to Thanksgiving at their house, but wanted a quieter time of it this year (last year they had about 25 people for a late-lunch/early-dinner feast) --- to ask if our children had come down with the preschool lurgey yet. Apparently their younger one is throwing up all over the place, and their elder is not doing too much better. Since they are at the same school (and in one case classroom) as Boo and Skibo, it seems likely we will get hit with this too.
But so far we're clear! (And if we are very lucky, being away this week will help stave it off completely).
Anyway, we picked up four new dinner guests from them for thanksgiving tomorrow (people we would have invited in a heartbeat anyway if we hadn't known they were planning on going over there to eat!
So we are happy, our new guests are happy, I get to cook ham again as well as turkey (both are brining happily at the moment), and our friends are all incredibly grateful to us for putting ourselves out at the last minute! What a win win situation:-)

As LOML put it earlier, "I had thought that I was looking forward to a quiet dinner, but now we are going to have lots of guests, I am *much* happier!"

Yours, as host,


Jodi Cleghorn said...

Hi Michele sent me ...

What a lovely example of community. I hope that turkey and ham are superb and the company first class ... and fingers crossed that the lurgy hangs out at someone else's place.

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me to say that I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day and your added guests! Know you will have a wonderful time - Oh, and what are you baking this year????

Bev Sykes said...

Hi from Michele...and a very happy Thanksgiving to you!