Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thankfully, I'm feeling better again

I feel much better today than yesterday: a very few sneezing fits, but mostly back to normal, especially by comparison with yesterday. Now if I could just find the hours in the day to fit everything in --- there are a bunch of students who have to defend their theses over the next couple of weeks, and I have meetings galore with undergraduates who need to schedule their courses for next semester.
And in addition to all that, I have to meet with the rowers tomorrow evening, from 8pm to somewhere near --- or even after --- midnight, while they elect their new board. Ugh! Still, it's just once a year. And I don't teach the following morning until 9:30, and I've only two meetings scheduled before that, so I'll almost have time to drive home and sleep in between:-)

Yours, slam-jammed in the schedule,

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awareness said...

Aren't you making some of your bread too? If you're going to multi task, you might as well go all out. :)

the sneezy sniffly yuks are hovering here too. TGI APRIL!