Monday, March 2, 2009

The weather behaved

Much to my surprise, the weather actually behaved rather nicely after all: the rain turned back to snow a few minutes after my last post, and the temperature dropped a little more, and so there was a lovely white blanket over our little town this morning. Pictures will follow when I get around to downloading them in a day or twelve.

As a consequence today was a surprising day off for everyone (down here in the south, 2-4 inches of snow means that only idiots try driving: it's not too bad to drive in except for the other idiots on the road!) so we had lots of time to have fun: the children hit me over and over again with snowballs --- fortunately, they don't throw hard yet! --- and after all the fun there was still time to throw together a batch of bread and a pot of chicken soup. Perfect food for the weather.

Yours, ever flaky,

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