Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stuffnfussn weather

Today, we get rain. Lots of rain, lots and lots of rain. That's okay, because we need lots of rain. And it's chilly, and miserable, and that's okay because they are predicting snow to come: and sure enough, about 5pm it starts to snow: big lovely fluffy wet flakes.
It's a little late in the day for the children to play outside for too long: they get a half an hour or so, but that's okay, because it's supposed to snow until about 5am, and school is cancelled for the morning, and they can play tomorrow.
Except, about 9pm the forecast changes, and the snow changes to drizzle, melting the snow. Apparently the temperature didn't drop: a change of just a degree or two from the forecast, and the snow is melting, the promise of tomorrow disappearing with it.

I don't mind so much for me. But I feel terribly for the children, who were so excited, and now it will go.

Yours, muttering bad words,

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