Friday, March 13, 2009

An experiment

We took Boo and Skibo to a restaurant tonight. To a real restaurant, one with class, not just a pub-and-grille type place. More specifically, a really nice Japanese restaurant, the place LOML and I always go whenever we go out.
It was a marvellous evening: both children were very well behaved (although Skibo does have a difficulty keeping his voice down in the double-digit decibel range) and Boo in particular tried five different types of sushi (surprisingly, the one that she wasn't keen on was the unagi, barbecued eel, which is the only one which is cooked!) as well as gyoza, edamame and various types of tempura.
So we were well pleased all in all. It means that perhaps we can go out to dinner a little more often than we had been (at about once every two or three months the trips were a little too far apart) and in fact, the extra that it cost to order for the little ones too was less than we typically pay a babysitter for the evening!

Yours, planning to dine out on this story,

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