Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So there I was, discussing the alphabet with my children (as one does when they are small) and in particular, which letter they are studying this week. Skibo's letter is X, and as a consequence, his little baggie of examples of words starting with the letter was replaced by a little baggie with things ending in the letter.
So I made him a box, a fox and a T-Rex.
Anyway, Boo piped up with "We're studying K this week, so I need a kangaroo!"
And I took this as a challenge. I don't believe that I've seen a diagram for a kangaroo --- but I'm not sure --- and rather than search the appropriate databases I decided to see if I could design one. I won't claim to have been successful -- not yet: but a day later, I've put together a first attempt. I still need to work on the head, and the arms and ears could be longer, but for a first attempt I'm reasonably happy with this. For those in the know, I based the model on Austin from the Backyardigans:-)

Yours, rooing the day,

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