Friday, March 6, 2009

Good bread

Good bread, today. Perhaps the best bread I've made.

I'd made pizza earlier this week, with old dough as part of the recipe. The pizza was pretty good, but not unusually so. I saved a ball of the dough, though, and this morning I soaked it in warm water with flour and then made a new batch of dough with it.
It got an extra long rise this afternoon (intentionally, since I was parsimonious on the yeast, and I knew that I'd be late) so when I got to bake it I was hoping for a good rise. The crumb was open, the texture elastic, the crust crisp and crunchy, but giving to the teeth, not hard. I can't wait to try it as toast in the morning.

Finally, a day when I feel that I have a bready post to put up!
Yours, rising to the occasion,

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awareness said...

I've got some homemade strawberry jam....I bet it would taste divine on your bread masterpiece.