Monday, March 9, 2009

Todays menu worked

Despite Boo having booboos upon booboos, the fact that we were eating her choice for dinner (spaghetti, with a good but standard meat sauce) seemed to go down a treat. And since Skibo is in full on copy-his-sister mode, he ate even more than she did.

So, at least on one night, having the children participate in menu choices for the week, and listening to them, seems to have worked.

For the rest of the week, since we are having our sink repaired on Wednesday,
and it will be out of action for a couple of days or so, we're having takeout from the local Chinese restaurant on Wednesday, we'll take the kids to our favourite fancy restaurant for sushi, edamame, etc on Thursday, and we'll play Friday by ear.

Both little ones are excited about the prospect of a special dinner out at a fancy restaurant --- and I hope that they are willing to be good and enjoy it --- or we'll be signalling the waiter for a to-go box for the sushi:-)

Yours, with something to chew on,

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