Friday, March 6, 2009

Making it through the week

It really wasn't a bad week, but at the same time, it was a week that left me saying this evening --- well, at least I made it through another one.

Today was a day of going to school: both Skibo's class, to read "Fox in socks" and "Wocket in my pocket" (can you guess which author they've focused on this week?) and then to Boo's class to teach origami. Both classes decided that I needed a mob-hug, which was, as always, an extremely nice perk.

This afternoon I was all set to put an origami piece in to an art exhibit (there's a natural reason why, but I'll leave that out) but discovered that for one reason or another I could flirt with deadlines and submit it Monday morning instead. Since it's a modular piece, I decided that that was the best way to handle it --- I could have rushed, but this way I can take my time over the weekend.

And so instead, I sat down with a colleague and talked about her grant proposal to use technology in innovative pedagogical ways -- a topic very dear to my heart -- and we brainstormed and came up with all sorts of wonderful ideas over the period of an hour that we talked (we'd planned ten minutes, but it just spread and spread and spread).

And so now I am brain dead, and ready for a recharge.

Yours, saying "good night after I blog about bread",

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