Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My student is heading to a conference this weekend, at which she may run into a friend of mine, and so today at a committee meeting I folded some little pieces of origami for said friend's young son.
I asked Skibo what he thought I should fold, and he suggested an elephant.... mainly, I suspect, because that was what I folded for his class on Monday. So I folded an elephant, and in addition my t-rex, kangaroo and palmetto tree designs. And then the colleague to my right asked if I could fold a penguin. Immediately I replied that I couldn't.
And almost as soon, I thought a little, and within seconds had a very simple (essentially seven folds -- one reverse fold, one crimp, and the rest just valley folds) penguin. And naturally, I immediately folded another to send with the other pieces. I've folded a few more to make sure that I remember it --- but really what I need to do is just photograph it. It's that simple.
A nice feeling. The model is simple enough that it can't be new -- but it's lovely to be able to invent it on the fly!

Yours, realising the benefits of 99% perspiration,

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