Monday, March 2, 2009


Boo lost her second tooth this evening. Unlike the first one, which she lost (literally) at the bakery, this one popped out while LOML was reading to the children to get them to sleep.
I'd never seen, as an adult, a child's tooth get to the stage of coming out: I finally understand the whole "tie a thread around it, tie it to a door, and slam it" idea: it went from wobbly to attached by a thread of flesh over a period of a few minutes, and then stayed attached --- much to Boo's consternation --- for several more hours. I tried to help, but she was insistent: no pulling, threading, or anything. I was very relieved when it came out: I was a little worried it might fall out overnight, and either vanish, or worse, get swallowed.

Anyway, it is out now, and I expect that the tooth fairy has already visited. Last time she brought a John Quincy Adams dollar, and I suspect this time it will be the same, even though Boo explained that one of her friends gets $5, $10, or sometimes even a webkin when her teeth fall out....

Yours, fighting inflation,

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