Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rather a lovely birthday:-)

The day was rather lovely: in spite of yesterdays whining, it turned out that our neighbour gets the channel I was missing, and so I got to watch the boat race after all. And while I'd have preferred a different outcome, the first few minutes were exciting, and it was wonderful to see first class rowing on television for an extended period.
After the race was over, we drove down to Best Buy, where LOML bought me a piano --- of the electronic variety: a very nice feeling and sounding Casio. Not that I play -- I've always regretted the fact that my parents didn't push me to learn (they'd been forced to take piano lessons, so my generation was skipped) but we're planning for Boo and me to take lessons together. There's a teacher in town who apparently gives very good lessons for parent and child, and perhaps once we have a little more time this summer we can start. For now, she and her brother are getting tremendous joy from playing scales and more.

Yours, feeling noteworthy,

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