Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A good day

My promotion took another step forward this afternoon: I met with the Dean, who kicked the process upstairs, with a positive recommendation. Only three more levels of the process to go.
I rushed home from that meeting to pick up Boo and head to the art exhibit, in which I had entered a piece of origami. I took third place in the category, which is nice (there were three pieces entered, but the other two were by students of mine, and I am much happier for them to finish ahead of me!)
Finally, after snatching what should have been a quick bite to eat but wasn't (thanks to the local bar and "grille"'s efficiency) I rushed off to supervise the rowing team's election. And this year, they finished in time for me to be home before midnight(!) unlike last year.

And that was just the part of the day after I left the office!

Yours, looking forward to relaxing next week,

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