Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sixty people, a few hours

We went out today, sixty some people did, and transformed a space. We took a space that was essentially barren, and changed it into a garden. And it was almost all LOML's doing.
Now I lie a little: the space had grass growing on most of it: it had been set aside as a memorial garden, and LOML has taken charge of getting it from a barren grassed area to a true learning space, vital with vegetables, fruitful with flowers, heaped with herbs. And has also obtained enough grant funding to do things like buy wood for raised beds, soil, mulch and gravel to fill them, seeds to plant, and trellises for them to grow up.
But LOML is the one who went out there and arranged for sixty or more people to show up, to volunteer because their children were at the school too, to put their backs into a spade in the garden, to fill a wheelbarrow and fill a bed with gravel, to mulch an area that's going to be filled with flowers in the shades of a rainbow.
Here's to LOML!

Yours, in praise,

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awareness said...

beautiful! there's nothing like being in the middle of the feelings when a community comes together and working on a project like this.