Sunday, March 8, 2009

A day of simple pleasures

Like talking to parents (albeit over a minorly unsuccessful Skype video link: we ended up using the phone on speakerphone, and Skype for video): enjoying burgers (okay, I sauteed a bunch of vegetables to stuff inside to make them extra tasty and ensure that they stayed moist): and building origami models of non-Euclidean geometries. What more could a Breadbox ask?
Oh. Yes, making bread. I didn't make the buns for the burgers: they were a late modification to the menu. But I did put together a batch of bread with old dough, left with water and flour to regenerate, then kneaded with flour, salt and water as one would usually do. But I forgot the yeast, so the dough is going to take overnight to rise, and I'll bake it first thing in the morning:-) Hopefully, it will turn out okay --- I fully expect this to be the case, and a happy accident will turn into fresh bread Monday morning:-)

Yours, playing accidental baker,

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