Monday, March 16, 2009

A day of folding, a day of children, a day of cooking

Today was rather wonderful fun: friends of ours (more strictly speaking, the daughter of friends of ours, with her family) were in town for a couple of days: their daughter is about four months younger than Boo, so we decided to have lunch at the local cafe, to eat, and then teach Boo's new friend some folds.
It was a huge hit, with the little girl picking things up wonderfully --- we ended up all going back to our house (since Boo and Skibo, being off school for the day had another play date lined up for the afternoon), where at least for a while we continued to fold.
And then children ran around the house. Like crazy! Annoyingly so at times, but tolerable because it was wonderful that they were getting their energy out that way.
I made bread, roast beef (following Cook's Country's recipe for top sirloin --- some chewy bits, but great flavour), potatoes (the regular ones were great: the fingerlings I was experimenting with were awful: gritty, nasty texture, and I wasn't a fan of the flavour: I'll have to investigate why) and other veggies.
And I put together stew for tomorrow, it being St Patrick's day (and our having our sink fixed in the morning meaning that cooking this afternoon if possible was far preferable to waiting until we have no sink for a couple of days!)

And so to bed.

Yours, worn out by the running,

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