Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm a pen lover. I like beautiful writing instruments. They don't have to be pretty, they don't have to be expensive, but they have to write beautifully.
Unfortunately, champagne tastes and a budweiser budget lead to fewer choices. But fortunately, I have some nice inexpensive fountain pens, and most especially, a whole bunch of very cheap, and relatively nice disposable ones. Pilot makes a pen they call "Varsity", running $2-3 a pen: it writes smoothly, comes in a delightful range of colours, and is now available (in a more restricted range of colours) at Staples, one of the better local office supply stores.
But the delightful part about all of this is that a few days ago I walked into the back room: Boo ducked down so that I wouldn't see what she was doing. I persuaded her to let me see, and with some trepidation she pulled out one of my disposable pens: she was using it to do one of her drawings. I could be mad -- "That's one of my special pens!!!" but especially now they are available locally,
I had to smile.

The only downside is that I'm left handed, and she is not, so it is harder for me to demonstrate to her how to hold the pen at the appropriate angle to the paper. And so that is now LOML's job (who also likes appropriating my pens:-)

Yours, delighted that I've inspired a six year old to want to use a fountain pen,


awareness said...

Lefties of the world unite!! Gee, I always knew you were in your right mind N. Me too!!!

I too have favourite pens....ones that don't smear on the side of my hand! The roller ones don't work for me because of the angle I write at I guess. My preferred stylo is actually a fine tipped black marker.

KateGladstone said...

Do you know about the "Pens for Kids" program, sponsored by the fountain pen lovers' group Pen Collectors of America? If not, inquire at http://www.pemcollectors.com .

Of course, as a handwriting specialist (and member of Pen Collectors of America), I believe that anyone receiving a pen should receive the best-quality handwriting instruction as well -- giving a kid a fountain pen without ensuring s/he will gain fast, legible handwriting to go with it resembles handing the keys of a Maserati to someone without a driver's license. For more info -- including a page specifically for lefties -- visit my web-site http://www.HandwritingThatWorks.com .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on bringing another young one into the fountain pen fold. Is she using black ink? Wait till she asks for the pens with colored ink you mentioned! A full set will be just around the corner and OMG are you in deep trouble now. ;)