Thursday, January 1, 2009

A weak start to an easy resolution

A weak start: my resolution to fold a model a day has started, and indeed I did
fold something: but it was one of the simplest folds around: a paper cup. More to the point, I have adjusted the resolution to include Boo and Skibo --- so they both folded paper cups too.
Boo has really suddenly gotten the hang of accuracy in folding, of placing points on lines precisely. It's another wonderful leap in her development.

Skibo's leap today -- or rather our seeing of his leap --- was that he can now trace words almost perfectly. At 4, of course his freehand is rather illegible --- you can make out which letter is which if you know what he's writing --- but his tracing of an adult's writing is superb! Not a surprise to see it happen --- after all we saw the same things with Boo --- but a delight nonetheless.

So, a happy start to the new year.
Yours, wishing all of you the best,

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