Saturday, January 3, 2009

Folding with Boo

LOML took Skibo off to buy himself presents (keys and a padlock!) with his Christmas money, and I stayed at home with Boo. Other than spending a few minutes playing with her new Webkinz (TM) and their website --- not at all sure how I feel about that! --- we spent most of the couple of hours folding.

We didn't do the page-a-day folds: I want to do those with both of them: rather I let her pick some diagrams from Montroll's Easy Origami --- we had previously folded the house, and she chose to fold the piano, the fox's head and the oblong box. Curiously, each of these starts with folding the house, and so now she is a master at folding that!

Meanwhile, here's a picture of Boo folding a box last month.

Yours, loving it,

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