Monday, January 12, 2009

A boring day for origami

Today was a boring day as far as folding went --- after my trip last week I had to go in to work, and there were lots of things that needed to be dealt with. And this evening's folding with Boo and Skibo was rather toooooooo simple: precrease a square horizontally and vertically. Fold two sides in to the middle.
Turn over, fold the ends to the middle. Valley fold in half so that the first folds to the middle form wallet pockets. It's a wallet fold. I think that the description is almost enough to fold it. Try it, and convince me I'm right.

But a boring day for folding was a more interesting day for reading about origami: I'm preparing to teach tomorrow evening, and trying to figure out how much material will fit in a (nearly) three hour class. That and figuring out lots of deep stuff for the other (high level) course.

Yours, frantically reading,

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