Sunday, January 25, 2009


As an educator, it never ceases to thrill me when my own children, or their friends, exhibit that measure of curiosity that distinguishes the thinker from the rock. And today, although Boo and Skibo exhibited some, it was their (slightly older) friend M who was most excited.
"Breadbox" she said, "can you fold me a manatee?"
Unsure whether I could find a diagram, I demured, but allowed that there might be other things that I could fold should manatee be unforthcoming. I asked why, in particular she'd be so interested in a manatee, and she explained that she had been reading a book about them, and told me some fascinating facts (most of them accurate).
I found a diagram, and folded it for her --- and then a dolphin for Boo and a whale for Skibo (he wanted a Blue Whale, but the closest I could do was a Sperm Whale). And then we sat at my laptop to explore the manatee, including the fact that there are a couple of thousand in Florida (not the couple of million M had misread as the number in her book from the library), and that they have teeth which migrate from the back of the mouth to the front and then fall out.

A delightful afternoon of education: I think that we all enjoyed, and learned. I certainly did.

Yours, becoming more educated day by day,

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