Saturday, January 24, 2009

Folding for the new year

As part of my preparations for the Chinese New Year, and for our party the children decided we need to throw for grownups, I'm folding various figures from the Chinese zodiac: so far, folding in a non-obvious order, I've folded the Ox, the Monkey, the Rabbit, the Horse, the Snake, the Rooster and the Dragon. Five more to go: some are better than others, some are easier to fold than others, and since they are all from the same book, by the same author, it is fascinating to watch the way his designs change, say, from the snake to the dragon, using the same basic beginning sequence.
I need to fold some things twice: in particular, in an attempt to insert cultural and social studies into their curriculum, LOML is teaching Boo's class about the Chinese New Year on Tuesday, and so is going to take the dragon in as a gift for the class. And it was one of the trickier ones to fold, too!

Yours, off to fold again,

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