Thursday, January 22, 2009

One resolution gone, but not forgotten

I had resolved at some transition point a few weeks ago to fold on a daily basis with Boo and Skibo. Unfortunately that resolution appears to have bitten dust: I have not forgotten it, but it seems to be too difficult to maintain every day. But I have not forgotten it: I have to find a way to make sure that we do some every few days, a couple of times or more a week.
What has made it difficult this week is, of course, that it's January. And of course, Boo and Skibo are in school. This week it's Boo's turn: she's been feeling miserable for days now: three days in a row she hasn't wanted ice cream for dessert: this is a dead giveaway that she's feeling really bad...

I have also missed a couple of days, too, but am maintaining my folding level. Today, I folded a copy of Verdi's Vase (the diagram is easily found if you google it's name, plus "origami"): it looks complex at first sight, but it's not that difficult a model if you keep a cool head about it: and it is quite gorgeous as a finished model.

Yours, still planning to post pictures at some point....

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