Friday, January 2, 2009

Folding the calendar

Day two.
Of course, this will fall apart next week, when I am not here to fold with the children. Then again, there are no folds for Saturday or Sunday --- ???? --- so perhaps I can fold all of next week's folds tomorrow, and we'll have an excess built up.
Today's diagram was for what they call a "cat boat": I've seen it described as "yellow bird" in a different orientation: it was rather simple to fold (instead of the reverse fold described in the diagram, I had them prefold a few extra creases and then it assembles itself naturally): then, placed on a table, if you blow gently into the sail portion of the model, it glides gently across the table.

Skibo seems also to be getting more of the idea of precision in folding: this is wonderful to see! My next goal is to get Boo reading some of the simpler diagrams by herself. And then for her to teach Skibo!

To give you an idea of how much fun this was, at one point Boo gleefully exclaimed "this is more fun than television!" Of course, twenty minutes later, they were again begging for television, but let's be grateful for small mercies!

Yours, keeping a resolution longer than most...

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