Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spinach lasagna

I've been impressed by lasagna ever since I went to my undergraduate advisor's house for dinner, and his wife had cooked this strange exotic dish.

But now, more than 5 and three quarter years later (much more!) I have learned to cook, and have discovered that there are secrets to success. And when cooking lasagna, a key secret is that you don't have to make the pasta from scratch, but if you do, it tastes really good!

Tonight, for the first time, I made spinach pasta, which I subsequently rolled into lasagna noodles, layered with meat sauce and ricotta-etc-mix, baked, and enjoyed. Trust me, it is worth making the noodles by hand (well, with a food processor): they are tender and tangy, tasty and wonderful. All of us enjoyed them, except for our four year old guest (a friend of Boo and Skibo, and I suspect that the reason he wasn't a fan is that he was just not in the mood to eat....)

Yours, signing off tonight as the noodly-breadbox,

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awareness said...

ooo, that sounds good. we're going to a potluck on Sat. Don't know if I'll have the time to make fresh pasta noodles, but am planning to make lasagne.