Thursday, January 8, 2009

Math and music

A very pleasant day --- many former students around, all as thrilled to spend time with me as I was to spend time with them. Some of them are recent and green, and I can share advice: others are close to completion in subsequent programs, and are showing great confidence and promise.
Sigh. A good, even a great, sigh. Definitely a good one. It makes me happy to have played a part like that in so many lives:-)

And I met a potential new influencee: successful in his own right, very much so, he's gone back to study, and is appreciative of much more senior (academically speaking) people who will follow his progress. A bunch of us went to dinner, and it led to great conversations to be continued as he works out all the mathematics.

Yours, enjoying playing "Yoda for a day",

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