Monday, January 19, 2009

About 15 hours from now

About 15 hours from now, the transition will be over, there will be an entirely new adminstration in town (with the exception of those remaining, primarily Gates, of course, but also, for example, all the Justice Department officials who were appointed under rather shady circumstances).

Dare I declare that "our long national nightmare is (almost) over"? I do hope so.

I don't ever recall seeing an inauguration as exciting, as covered, as electrifying as this one. Indeed, I can recall watching the coverage of celebrities going to the balls in the evening (who was going to which one, which songs were played, what the women wore) and some coverage of the speech -- but I don't ever remember a spectacle lasting several days!

And now they're predicting a chance of snow for tomorrow here -- and I'm hoping for a snow day, dreaming of a black-and-white inauguration:-)

Yours, electrified,

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