Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First origami class

The first class went well --- I combined a discussion of how to fold equilateral triangles in a couple of ways, with the mathematics of maximizing the size of the triangle you can get out of a square, with the folding of a crane: many of the students had little or no experience with origami, but they all seemed to enjoy it.

Folding with Boo and Skibo was largely a practice session on pleating, with the outcome being a not-very-convincing panda. Cute, but not great. I've decided to supplement the weekday folds from the calendar which I'm doing with them with folds from books on the weekend.

Anyway, I'm happy that the first classes of the season are over --- I'm always nervous about how things will go, what the dynamics will be like, etc.

Yours, relieved,

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awareness said...

I was asked to teach a night course in Sept. at UNB...not origami...crisis counselling. It's been a couple of years since I jumped into the foray, but they haven't offered it since I taught it...it's nice to be asked and wanted. :)

can you post some photos of your origami, N?