Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Morning music

Most mornings, the first thing I do when I get to work is walk over to the cafe to buy a coffee --- have to get those little grey cells to work --- and on the way, think quietly for a few minutes, and listen to music.
Today, on the way back, the random selection was Chris Rosser's David and Marie: a beautiful lyrical love song: voice and guitar only. And of course, is is my wont, I decided to share it with you.

Imagine my surprise, then, to discover that there is no youtube version of him singing it! The only video of him I could find was of an early draft of a new song
(worth listening to but not what I was looking for).

Unfortunately, all I could find was a 90 second clip of the music from the beginning of the song, at his website. The lyrics are there too: and rather than poach his lyrics by posting them here, I'll point you to them.

Yours, waxing lyrical,


awareness said...

beautiful. What a tease! N, you would really enjoy the new changes to CBC Radio 2. It still has the classical music in the middle of the day (which I do like) but in the morning the host, Tom Allen often plays music like this and has such a wealth of knowledge and stories to go with the music. It's a lovely way to head to work after dropping everyone off where they have to be....it truly clears my head of the busyness of the morning routines and gets me focused on my own day ahead.
thank you for the link...

BreadBox said...

That post was written with you in mind, Awareness:-)
I thought that you might like the lyrics...
I first heard Chris Rosser play at a small outdoor venue three or four miles from here --- I bought a couple of CDs from the artist himself, which I love to do.

He has some other great songs: listen to "Christmas In The Ashram", for example --- but David And Marie remains my absfav.

I'll have to see if I can get CBC R2 online and check it out.